Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Difference between charts

Choosing right char for your data

There are found different types of categories for your data

Distribution: shows a collection of related/unrelated information to see how it correlates, if at all

Composition: Collecting different types of data that make up a whole and displaying them together

Comparison: Sets variable apart from the each other and shows how they interact

Relationship: This type of data tries to show a correlation between two or more variables

Histograms are used to show distribution of variables while bar chats are used to compare variables

Histograms plot quantitative data with ranges of the data grouped into bins or intervals while bar charts plot categorical data

There is no space between bars in histograms where is there is space between bars in bar chart

In bar graphs are usually used to display "categorical data", that is data that fits into categories.
Histograms on the other hand are usually used to present "continuous data"

Bar Chart: Average Per Capita income of metro cities Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai
Histogram: Average Per Capita income of five age groups(25-35, 35-45, 45,55, 55-65)

Histogram is subclass of bar graph

A Histogram is NOT a Bar Chart

Tree Structured Data Analysis: AID, CHAID and CART

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